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PIXELS Ultra Filtered Satin Yellow Pearl Mica Color is a vibrant and luminous powder pigment with a reflective sheen, perfect for adding a professional touch to any project. This color offers a unique and eye-catching finish that is perfect for soaps, creams, candles, and other products. The safe and skin-friendly pigments can be used with confidence in a variety of applications.

Pixels Ultra Filtered Satin Yellow Pearl Mica Color

₹199.00 Regular Price
₹148.00Sale Price
    • Premium Quality with Higher Brightness and Pearl Finish
    • Specially Formulated for Extra Retention and Vibrancy
    • Mess Free, Easy Soluble, Quick Dispersion Formulation
    • Multiple Color Options for DIY Activities and Industrial Use
    • Tested Colours for Fully Saturated Color Intensity
  • 10 Gm

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