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Vedanum Ayurvedic Face Mask with sandalwood oil is an ultimate skin revitalization and exfoliating luxury. Fortified with pure South Indian sandalwood, this face mask adds moisture, an upbeat tone, and a damaged skin texture.


Fuller's Earth, aka multani mitti, blended with sandalwood, absorb oil and detoxifies the skin. As one of the most widely used and time-tested skin-loving elements, it is used as a scrub to remove blackheads and whiteheads, giving skin a natural and healthy glow.


In ancient Ayurveda and modern dermatology, fuller's Earth (Natural clay) effectively removes oil, dirt, and impurities from the skin and also helping treat acne and other skin problems.


A blend of fresh, hand-pounded, and sun-dried ingredients include pure heartwood powder and essential oils that improve skin tone and boost blood circulation. The 100% Natural and vegan face mask is also enriched with ground minerals for long-lasting results.

Sandalwood Ayurvedic Face Mask

₹249.00 Regular Price
₹180.00Sale Price
  • 75 Gm | 2.64 Oz

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