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Dive into a pure bliss of fresh flowers, ayurvedic herbs, sacred wood, natural oils and magic of ancient holistic healing to celebrate a sweet, light and confident fragrance. A perfect home fragrance element to add to the fragrance luxury.


Best for air purification, aromatherapy, meditation, and home fragrance use. Vedanum incense sticks ( product of Pushpshala India) is handcrafted with organic ingrdients and essential oils. Comes with a promide of Khadi India and ISO certifications.


No chemicals, No colors, and No Charcoal, No Synthetics, and No Toxicity. 100% safe for kids and pets. Add zest to your surroundings and relive stress with just a sniff of floral incense luxury.

Handicraft Therapy Incense Sticks

₹240.00 Regular Price
₹198.00Sale Price
  • 6x30 = 180 Sticks

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