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The word Natural in 21st Century is one of the most overutilized terms when it comes to self-care products. Whenever it's on making a choice between natural or others, the question always revolves around how to choose the right one ?. #Na.kedToNature by Vedanum is introduced with a concept to make products and their formulation as transparent and na.ked to Nature as possible. Revitalizing ancient Ayurvedic wisdom of clean and chemical-free products, the brand is on a mission to make the customer experience Nature in a true sense.

After the success of Pushpshala, an affiliate brand, Vedanum World has pioneered a remarkable array of superior personal care and home decor products marching into one of India's fastest and global preferred manufacturers of daily amenities. ranging from luxurious body rituals,  natural skin therapy, and retail accessories collections. Vedanum is also one of the leading formulators and manufacturers of aromatherapy and interior decor assignments. The brand also offers a prominent selection of internationally recognized perfumery and fragrance material.

With national and international recognition, including ISO certifications Vedanum is driven by technology innovation, and product excellence to blend the ancient Ayurveda wisdom with the modern luxury of self-care and home luxury. Starting from a small set-up for personal care formulations, the brand has its own state-of-the-art setup right at the heart of India that helps our clients to enjoy a centralized gateway with dealership benefits & diligent customer service.

Vedanum also supports and promotes thousands of artisans and small regional brands with eSupply of raw material and handholding assistance including training and development on formulations, product design, branding, and marketing. The brand also works with local and national hotels, spa and wellness centers to curate and manufacture custom bath and body rituals including design and packaging.

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