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Exclusive range unrefined and minimally filtered therapeutic grade bath salts. VEDANUM bath salts contain naturally occurring minerals and essential Earth elements to keep the quality of salt high and unaltered. No chemical wash, and additives added. Selected and mined from rare mountains and valleys of the Himalayas and adjacent areas.


VEDANUM bath salts helps in treating skin odour due to sweat and small skin problems. As an ultimate companion to daily bathing ritual and homemade SPA, these bath salts add extra zest to skin therapy and overall body wellness. Used for scrub, exfoliation, de tanning, dirt removal, tensed muscles, cracked skin, pregnancy pain, strong complete sleep, and body hygiene.

Himalayan Pink Salt | Heavy Block

₹299.00 Regular Price
₹199.00Sale Price
  • 500 gm Unrefined Himalayan Pink Salt

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