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VEDANUM Aftershave and Post Wax gel series is an ultimate staple for skin therapy to retain moisture and hydration. The gel helps seal the skin texture after it's been razored or waxed.


Unlike market-available aftershave with astringent alcohol solution that causes intense sting and irritation after application, VEDANUM gel contains a wide range of Natural ingredients, like Aloe Vera, Ayurvedic Extracts, and Essential Oils, that are aimed at helping various skin issues.


Experience an aftershave and post-wax gel purposely curated by skin care experts and dermatologists to rehydrate the skin once it's shaved or waxed. The gel helps retain the skin's pH balance and adds moisturizing elements to the skin cells, which is vital for soothing and healing irritations.

Intimate Waxing Hydrating Gel | Women