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Vedanum papaya soap contains Vitamin A and has exfoliating properties, making it an effective acne treatment when used on the face or other acne-prone skin. Custom-made to perfection with skin care experts to add extra moisture to skin cells and help regenerate dead skin. It also helps in nourishing rough skin all day long.


Experience an ultimate blissful retreat of natural handcrafted soap luxury from Vedanum—a ritual prepared with skincare experts and a dermatologist for time-tested skin therapy.


A unique mix of natural oils and Ayurvedic root extracts, carefully blended with phytonutrients and minerals, for a day-long hydrated skin experience—excellent results from just one wash.

Papaya Fruit Handmade Routine Soap

₹299.00 Regular Price
₹249.00Sale Price
  • Each Handmade Soap - 75 Gm

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