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PIXELS by VEDANUM Bare Brown Candle Making Color is a high-quality, oil-soluble pigment that is perfect for creating candles with rich and vibrant hues. This color is non-toxic, vegan and skin-friendly, making it a safe and reliable choice for all of your candle making needs. With its specially formulated color dispersions, you can create beautiful candles that will stand out with their unique color.

Pixels Bare Brown Candle Making Color

₹199.00 Regular Price
₹128.00Sale Price
    • Ideal for All Types of Wax. 100% Oil Soluble Pigments
    • Specially Formulated for Extra Retention and Vibrancy
    • Mess Free, Easy Soluble, Quick Dispersion Formulation
    • Multiple Color Options for DIY Candle Making Kits
    • Tested Colours for Fully Saturated Color Intensity
  • 10 Gm

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