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PIXELS by VEDANUM NEON Violet Candle Making Color is a vibrant and bold addition to your candle-making supplies. This oil-soluble, non-toxic and 100% vegan pigment is specially formulated to make your creations extra vibrant and colourful. Tested to unmatched quality, this NEON Violet pigment is skin-friendly and perfect for a variety of DIY activities.

Pixels NEON Violet Candle Making Color

₹199.00 Regular Price
₹135.00Sale Price
    • Ideal for All Types of Wax. 100% Oil Soluble Pigments
    • Specially Formulated for Extra Retention and Vibrancy
    • Mess Free, Easy Soluble, Quick Dispersion Formulation
    • Multiple Color Options for DIY Candle Making Kits
    • Tested Colours for Fully Saturated Color Intensity
  • 10 Gm

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