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Vedanum premium resins are derived from selected roots and herbs, specially cultivated in mineral-rich lands to maintain the highest quality and benefits. VEDANUM resins are often used for their therapeutic benefits and in Spiritual Practices, including routine pooja and auspicious havan (Yagya).


Rare resins like loban and guggul balance various doshas in the human body. Its cooling and soothing effect helps in air purification, positive energy, goodwill auro, and removal of negative energies from the surroundings. It also helps to control inflammation significantly and adds a soothing effect on the body.


VEDANUM resins also help treat Vastu doshas and diseases caused by clogged positive vibes at home and office space. Ideal for Pooja Aarti, Havan, Special Yagya, Incense, Charcoal Burner, and Dhoop Dhuni.

Premium Selected 100% Natural Loban Powder