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Vedanum ultra premium melt and pour soap base are collection of lucious and therapeutic DIY skin care experience. Made from 100% vegan ingredients and unique blend of natural oils and essential butters for smooth and glowing skin.


Prepared with skin care experts and dermatologists to maintain the hydration and pH level of soap base. Follow the instructions to make your own DIY soap bars and enjoy the richness of soap base full on Ayurvedic wisdom.

Pure Honey Ultra Premium Melt & Pour Soap Base

₹299.00 Regular Price
₹235.00Sale Price
    • Remove the protective film and carefully cut the soap block into small 1" (inch) pieces.
    • Take a good heat proof bowl or a microwave oven-safe large container and clean well.
    • Weigh the total amount of soap bars that are required over a kitchen weighing scale.
    • Add the soap base pieces into the container and cover the top with strong plastic foil.
    • Heat the soap base over a double boiler/ microwave until the soap pieces are melted.
    • Keep a check on the soap base getting completely liquid and no solids are left behind.
    • Put down the double boiler from heat/ or remove the container from the microwave.
    • Add a favorite natural pigment/ dye/homemade colorants/ or any other color and stir.
    • Mix preferred fragrance/ essential oil/ herbs/ and stir gradually to avoid any bubbles.
    • Clean the soap mould and carefully add the melted soap base into each of the cavity.
    • Allow melted soap to settle down for at least 2 minutes until the base starts cooling.
    • Carefully remove the upper film of waste oil from each soap with help of a toothpick.
    • Set the soap for 4 hours in a cool dry place. Pop out the soap bars carefully and enjoy.
    • Avoid rubber alcohol to remove bubbles/ top layer of the soap. Keep the Soap NATURAL
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