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Why Ingredients Matter

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

It goes with a common saying; ‘a cook is as good as his ingredients, so too is a daily essential brand is as good as its ingredients’ source. Ingredients that stand out for something not less than perfect, organic, natural, and undoubtedly chemical-free.

Vedanum uses a range of organic and ground-sourced ingredients that you might struggle to find out in your grocery store. Obvious to say, they are ordinary, yet difficult to find as chemicals and alternatives have shifted their existence on supermarket shelves.

We all know lifestyle has many facets, and it might not be just a lifestyle but a ‘healthy lifestyle’ that matters in the long run and also plays a vital role in defining human existence. If you think your daily essentials are all about fulfilling your needs, you are far away from the reality to know; you are very close to toxins and harmful chemicals. Needs are always not about self but thinking about the present and future generations as well.

That’s why Ingredients Matter

Good ingredients are all that make a healthy essential product. Whether you use a skincare product or shower with soap, or you prefer an essential oil for therapy, let’s take your evening green tea; every ingredient going into the making of that product interestingly is associated with you, the environment, and the societal sustainability at large.

What makes up good ingredients?

Often asked, why ingredients actually matter. Let’s answer the question by throwing some light on what makes up a good ingredient for it to MATTER!

A good lifestyle is not about diet, routine skin care, and sound sleep. It’s much beyond what you consume, apply, and smell every moment at your home and your workplace. For instance, a lot of cleaning products aren’t clean. They abide by harsh chemicals and cleaning agents to serve the purpose. Similarly, everything going into you’re your skin isn’t beautiful. And the same goes for your other daily essentials.

We believe tracing ingredients is a matter. It is important to prioritize and ensure clean and healthy ingredients become part of your lifestyle. Ingredients that are cultivated organically and produced sustainably.

Ingredients at Vedanum World

Safer people and the planet. Summarizing entire efforts of encouraging clean and healthy ingredients, these basics matter at Vedanum. In fact, they are the real souls of our products and what we do as a brand.

All our products carry a responsible commitment to your and the environment’s safety. Responsibility to eliminate over 4000+ toxic chemicals known to harm human health and nature’s flora and fauna. Confirming to the highest quality control standards, each ingredient going into the preparation of Vedanum recipes is free from chemicals, no fillers, no additives, ZERO artificial compounds, too far from synthetics, and not to miss, cruelty-free.

Our ingredients are powered by rich Ayurvedic properties and have been selected based on their nourishing and long-lasting effects.

Shared Values to Encourage Healthy Ingredients

While a lot of our ingredients are sourced locally from different states of India, some ingredients are sourced from cross borders to maintain our commitment to keeping away chemical alternatives.

The craftsman we deploy are masters of each ingredient and work closely with local farmers to ensure ingredients are harvested in safe and hygienic conditions. Our flowers are also processed with the highest care and purity. They are stored for longer use in a special cold storage facility.

We are proud to share our values with local traders and farmers to encourage them to grow pesticide and chemical-free crops and match their active participation in making mankind and the planet safe for the future.

Nature has offered all of us equal amazing ingredients; the real magic lies in a small switch!

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